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Email Announcer 4.0.0

Email Announcer 4.0.0: Announces incoming email, tasks, meeting requests and read receipts in Outlook. Email Announcer is read receipt notification. With Email Announcer you never have to wonder if an incoming email has a read receipt attached. Now when email with a read receipt arrives two things happen. First the character of your choice will announce that a read receipt is attached and that the sender will be notified when the email is opened. Secondly a notification dialog box will pop up displaying which incoming email messages have read receipts

GoPOP 1.0: GoPOP runs alongside Outlook to allow you to read your mail from anywhere else
GoPOP 1.0

GoPOP runs alongside Outlook and lets you access your email from a remote computer when you`re away. You can read your email by connecting to your primary computer with any email reader: a cell phone, a PDA, or even a mail program at a cybercafe! Benefits: see your filtered mail; read email in Inbox or other folder; copies of messages aren`t left on the original POP server; faster than synchronization; no special reader software is required.

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MailSpeaker 2.01

email voice notification program. Without needing to turn on any email client, e.g. MS Outlook, MailSpeaker will voice notify you and read email messages upon arrival (supports multiple email accounts). MailSpeaker reads emails, text files, information on your clipboard; saves the reading information (emails, text file, clipboard) to WAV files; plays WAV files; and performs customized anti-spam filter functions. The main features: - Automatically

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Get Paid To Script 1: Craigslist Clone, Gumtree Clone, Loquo Clone. Craigslist Clone PHP Classifieds
Get Paid To Script 1

Get Paid Script - Make Money With Paid To Read Email, Signup, Promote. Get Paid Script - Run your own get paid to click, promote, sell, signup, play games and read email. Get Paid To Script: If you want to create and manage from a simple get paid to click, get paid to read e-mail or get paid to surf site to a professionally structured affiliate program, Get Paid ™ script is the tool you are looking for.

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MailAssistant (Christmas Edition) 1.4: Reads out email messages with natural-sounding, understandable voice
MailAssistant (Christmas Edition) 1.4

Innovative email notification sofware that reads out emails messages aloud and notifies you of new emails as they arrive. You can preview all e-mails before you download them. Runs in system tray and can read webpages and documents with natural-sounding, understandable voice. Christmas Edition comes with a cool animated Santa character that reads emails and sings a christmas song.

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Mail Tracking 1.2

emails or use ensured-delivery messages, both of which guarantee that you will always get a notification when your email gets read, and both of which will allow you to retract your email after you have sent it. Yes - you can delete your email before, and even after, it has been received by your recipient, any time you like. Ready-to-Use. No downloads or plugins are necessary. MailTracking already works with all popular email packages including all

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ProductiveMail 1.5: ProductiveMail lets you know in real time when your emails are received and read
ProductiveMail 1.5

emails are received and read. Its main benefits are: - Make sure that your outgoing emails were received and not blocked as spam. - Reminders to follow-up emails you are waiting for an answer. - You can customize the image and text the recipient will receive in the message footer. - Individual read receipt for every recipient when emails are sent to multiple recipients. - Real time notifications when an email you sent is read for the first time. -

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